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Monday, June 30, 2008

My blog

The first proof to that, what I write touches people's hearts I realized after I wrote Associations A-Z. The issues was written in order to be read by someone on my last birthday, and people said to me that I made them laugh and cry at the same time.
Miriam the social worker said I should do something about it. So Did Efrat the physiotherapist who thought so too and of course my friends but they are suspected in un objectiveness.
For the little operation I had, I wrote what I've been gone through and again I received many compliments from many people.
After the third article, my friend, Itshak, wrote to me: "I realy enjoy your writing. Open a blog of your own, and write in it every day. I'll be happy to read it!"
I didn't know a thing or a half about the blogs, and if my son Barak hadn't open one for me on that day maybe I wouldn't be exposed to it. That's how I began and the rest as they say is history.
Every day I create new record. Around 10 am my body is being placed near the computer and I write all that comes to my mind at the moment, with no pre planning.
I discovered this enormous value of such communication, especially to people in my condition who has no ability to express himself verbally. I have been given a wonderful opportunity to share others with my thoughts, feelings and other things that hassle my mind.
I found out that people interested in what I have to say. Who is waiting every day to see what I've wrote. Not only friends and family, but also strangers, which I didn't had other possibilities to reach to them.
I am following in excitement on my number of entering to my blog.
I started on 5.6.2008 with 40-50 entering a day. After 10 days there was one day that 208 people entered! Again, to see what I've wrote. I couldn't believe my eyes! But nothing prepared me for what had happened yesterday. 731 entering a day. Total 3200 since I started writing.
"It can't be" I said. "It's out of proportions!"
Barak has brought to my attention that a record I wrote was being advised on the first page of Tapuz and people entered to see what it's all about. That explains the 731 enterers!
We'll see how many will come back…
Any way I'm going on as usual.
(Translated by Elinor)

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