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Monday, June 9, 2008

8. Making Up

Nuchkit and Ayaluli (twin granddaughters), the 2 1/2 year olds, arrive for a visit with Mama Tammi and Papa Barak.
After a hasty 'hello', A. runs to the far end of the sofa, and builds a house out of 5 pillows.
"I want the dogs" she demands.
"And I want the green doll", says N.
Tami brings my decorative toys from my bedroom.
A. occupies "the house" with the 3 dogs. Her lips break into a smile exuding joy and satisfaction.
N. is approaching. "No!" yells A. "Not here!"
N. continues on her way to "the house".
A. Stands up like a cobra, jumps on A. and squeezes her cheeks with all her might.
N. bursts out crying, turns red, and tear of pain and humiliation sprout from her blue eyes.
Tammi separates them and Barak hugs N.
After N. calms down, she turns to A.:"Why did you hit me? it hurt! Say you're sorry!"
"Sorry," says A.
N. reaches out her hands for a hug.
After repeating 5 times "We have to go, as the girls are tired," Tammi finally believes her own words, and they are on their way out.
"Can I take a dog home?"
"And the doll too?"
Translated by: Rina Shapira
Original Hebrew post on June 9, 2008: 8. ההתפיסות

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