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Sunday, June 15, 2008

11. Short Snippets of the Day

  • I laid down to rest in the afternoon on my side, with a pillow bolstering my back (so I won't tip over).
My legs felt as heavy as lead. I vocalized sounds of distress, and Naina (my caregiver #2) showed up.
"Och," I said to her, and she understood I meant the board (spelling board used for communication - R.S.)
I dictated: "I," and when I wanted to continue, Naina disappeard, as if into thin air. 
When I saw her laughing as she returned, I realized what happened:
I didn't notice that I fell asleep mid sentence! 

  • Noa, my two and a half year old granddaughter, said she doesn't want me to go home with them, because if I do, no one will live in this house (mine).

  • "The Jumping Finger"
Roji entered the living room with her face and hand all bloody.
"What happened?" I asked, alarmed.
"You won't believe it," she said, dabbing at the blood. "I made the bed stretching the sheet, when... My finger jumped into my nose! My nose is injured!"
 Unbelievable ?! ...

Translated by: Rina Shapira Original Hebrew post on 6-15-2008 11. לקט קצר מקורות היום

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