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Friday, June 27, 2008

Grownups don't cry

Tom is asking me: "grandma, when will you get better?"

I elevate my shoulders and taking them down, making a "don't know" face

"When will you get better?!" he makes it even harder. I'm answering, again, the same way.

"But you WILL get better, Right?"

At this point my feelings cant handle the pressure, and the tears start dripping out.

Turns to Gail:

"Mom, why is grandma crying?"

"Maybe she remembered something sad, Go make her happy!"

Gogi Is leaving the computer for a second, lay supine on the floor and making bicycle movements while making sounds

Toms shows with a red baseball cup, Rogi's and start dancing

I'm melting … and laughing.

"But , why did grandma cry?" Tom again.

"Grownups usually don't cry?!" he indicates from his own experience.

בהצלחה עם הבלוג מקווה שעזרתי,

של (פרפרזה המחודשת)

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