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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Out

Last night I felt like getting out. I'm home most of the time, because just thinking of all the preparations takes all the fun out if it. It's so much easier to stay in the cozy nest.
Chilly breeze blew from the sea and I suggested the girls to take a walk outside. R. was not too enthusiastic and suggested the balcony instead, but I insisted.I'll spare you all the tiresome arrangements.We left the house.
"Where to?" R. asked.
I didn't want to meet no one so we headed west, where there are no shops."Back home, in India, you can't walk the street without encountering people", said N. "you actually have to work your way with your elbows".
R. spoke about the changes that occurred in Nepal. Though she hates politics and politicians, still she didn't like watching the king vacating the palace, after two centuries of monarchy. She said she's concerned about the new regime. And no, she's not sure what a republic is. She said that the youngsters leave Nepal to work abroad. One worker, supporting ten others who stay at home. "How can a country flourish this way?" She said. "If I were the president, I'd forbid them to leave".
So just like that, me and these two young women, who arrived from far away places which were nothing but spots on the globe for me, two women who now call me "mom", took a walk and discussed matters of the hours.Maybe we'll do it again today.
Translation: Danna Paz Prins

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