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Saturday, June 28, 2008

The "Look"


At home, I tend to wear clothes that are comfortable for me. Pairs of Training in the winter, and in the summer cotton with lace, in    red, black or blue. On top, cotton shirt in the winter and undershirts without sleeve in the summer. Size 38 40 in the pants, and the shirt is 'small'. Almost always in a unitary color, but sometimes with print. Brassiere I wear only when I go out, because the bracket hurts my back.


On Thursday evening, I felt a need to change ambience, and offered to go outside. Not I had any desire, or time (I wanted to see my favorite program in the television at 21:00), to change clothes. I only wanted to take a small 'round' and return. The problem is, that in the area live in, it's not acceptable to go out not finely neat, and of course not without padded bra (beyond a certain age). I was seated in the wheelchair, Naina "ran" to bring my "going out kit", that includes: lipstick, comb, Armani's perfume, in case I will run into someone, who wants to kiss me. They put on my ultimate shoes, that they are wintery slippers, in the color Bordeaux, Colored with pink lipstick, a great amount of the expansive perfume was sprayed on both sizes, the look was almost perfect, except the lack of a brassiere. "Not mind the clothes ", they will think, "She is sick, so she's out of the contest, but without bra? - that   is too much!"  "Bring me a scarf ", I asked, so I could cover my "front". They searched something suitable, and found a scarf of velvet is blue, posh, and lay it on my neck. The truth, it was a little hot in the end of June, who cares. The important thing is :we got out!


If one evening you will be "sailing" your posh cars to the restaurant, concert or the theatre, dressed according to last fashion, wearing the finest jewelry, look outside the window. If you will see two foreign workers push a dressed peculiar woman, seated in a wheelchair, give up the air conditioner for a short moment, open your window, wave us hello, and SMILE. J


Translated by: Shell.

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