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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

9. Kid Talk

Tom, who will be 8 years old next month, gets a call from Tamara his girlfriend since nursery school.

"Tamara want to sleep over again." he tells his mother.
"Can she?"
"Yes," answers Gail, despite having her over 2 nights ago.

"I'm at my grandma's," he says.
"Say 'hi' to her," she says.
"She can't reply, says Tom. "She's ill."
"Don't offend her," Tamara scolds him.
"Grandma doesn't get offended. Everything makes her laugh. Right, Grandma?"
"Right," I nod!

Translated by: Rina Shapira
Original Hebrew post on 6-10-08 9. שיחת ילדים

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