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Sunday, June 15, 2008

13. How am I writing?

For all those wondering how I manage to write, here is a short description:

Wanted: at least two caregivers and one ALS patient.

First, arrange a comfortable seating position.
Take a regular wheel chair, and improve it with a stiff seat from the chair in the shower. Cover it with a special pressure-wound preventing pillow that costs 2,200 NIS (about $600 - R.S.). Then the two caregivers help the 'writer' onto the seat, and see to it that s/he sits upright!
It is necessary to put a foam-filled pillow from the kitchen (50 NIS) (about $15 - R.S.) behind the back, and prop up the head pillow so that the head (of course) won't drop backward (especially when laughing). It is also necessary to put a small pillow under the left shoulder, so the back won't lean left. Put the feet on the foot supports to foil the body's strong desire to slip down (even all the way to the floor).
Every step builds on the one preceding it, and if there is a breakdown, start all over.
Use a virtual keyboard, that shows on the computer screen.
Put your glasses on, and expect them to slip down your nose every few minutes.
Hold the mouse with both hands, positioned a bit to the left, and rest your two pointers, and middle fingers on it.
After a few words, call for help, because the positioning doesn't hold up.
When I get tired (5-10 minutes) I ask the caregiver to click for me, then I "only" move the mouse to the right key.

The result:
A new blog post
Fingernail marks on the fingers
Pain in the hands, legs and back
And exhaustion.

Translated by: Rina Shapira Original Hebrew post on 6-15-2008 13. איך אני כותבת?

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