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Friday, June 27, 2008

Who's got the longer one?


I 'went` to rest in the afternoon in the living room. My two "daughters" arrived, smiling at me.

"What happened?" I was interested " Naina asked me ", answered Rog`i, " if my "god" is as long as her god ", and pointed on their necklaces.

Naina, the Catholic, wears a cross, on a long bead necklace. She believes that god directs all her actions, and you have to receive everything in the love.  She marries a prayer every evening before the sleep and crossed.

Rog`i belongs to the Hindi religion and wears a chain that received from her friend.  On the pendant of image of full person with a long nose. This is the "intelligence god", by name: Ganesh, and by both its two sides, acorns by name: Rudrakshya that their role to influence the person that comes in contact with you, to think positive.

"I told her, that her is standing, and mine is sitting, that's why her god is longer" said R' laughing.

"And I think, mine went to rest and fell asleep while guarding me, that’s why my necklace is so short, even invisible!"

 I laughed, joining the joke.


(Shell, in the name of Shosh Zeevi)

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