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Sunday, March 24, 2013


I'm a slave to my body. Let's start from my head.

My eyes are dry; I use drops twice daily to fight the dryness.

My lips are twisting, so I exercise them to avoid it getting worse. Roji also massages them.

I strengthen my arms by exercise, and the fingers by clenching them into a fist.

Moving on inside to the stomach. I can't tell if my intestines degenerated due to the disease, or because they didn't experience real food for the past four and a half years. In any case, I started eating soups and even a hard boiled egg, only to get constipated for four days.

The doctor who installed my PEG said, that ALS patients have a small stomach. Now I understand why, because we are advised to eat and drink using a drip system. I started dripping the food and water at once, to increase the stomach capacity.

I pay most of my attention to my feet. I tie them to a box, securing them with elastic, to sraighgten them. The rest of the time, I wear canvas shoes and turn the feet out. The purpose: try to stand up.

What did I forget? Oh, the two wounds that won't heal, the head, taking care not to get pressure wounds, and more.

If this isn't servitude to my body, what is it?

I want to be free!

Translated by: Rina Shapira
Posted in Hebrew at 456. עבדות

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